The Commodification Of The Modern Hoe

10.08.10 7 years ago 68 Comments

Va$htie posed an interesting topic about the Sissification of modern man. It’s fascinating and something that we’ve all had to witness over the last few years. Basically, the idea is that a bunch of men have crossed the line from being fashionable to fashionistas. From mannerable to emasculated with the Ne-Yo’s, John Legends and hipsters leading the pack.

While that’s a topic we can spend hours on, we can also turn the peephole around to take a look at a prevailing trend: the celebration of the hoe. If we’re speaking literally, prostitution has been the oldest and one of the most lucrative professions in the history of modern man. Making money from hoe-ing is nothing new.

But becoming a multi-platform marketing juggernaut based on one’s flexibility and lack of gag reflexes is a relatively new phenomenon. Nowadays, hoes have book deals, TV shows, movies, coffee mugs, T-shirts and Happy Meals with their likenesses on them. Being a hoe in 2010 is tantamount to being a Disney character in the ’90s.

Kat Stacks is being booked for shows across the country. That’s right. People are paying to go to clubs where Kat Stacks will be. Superhead is still making money and writing books that continuously get unjustly snubbed by the Nobel committee. And Basketball Wives are in your living room every week. Hoes have book deals and TV shows to fall back on while your favorite college athlete is doomed if he or she tears up a knee.

Personally, I think it all started with Monica Lewinsky. The country’s infatuation with her blowjobs and soiled panties made her a national icon. She may very well be the first hoe in American history to get an endorsement deal (Jenny Craig) solely for giving an important guy a humdinger. Over a decade later, polishing Tiger Woods’ club has about a dozen women in position to land book deals, television shows and multi-million dollar business deals.

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