The Cool Kids – “Big Talk” Video

12.14.10 7 years ago 10 Comments

The longer beat-thirsty Cool Kids fans have to wait on When Fish Ride Bicycles, the more Chuck and Mike look like they’re serving up their own deep dish of Windy City Detox. What’s it been now—like three years, two EPs and a few record labels? Although a 2011 release date has been set, actions are easier said than done, leaving an album that still only seems good in theory.

However, to appease the masses while the hourglass continues to bleed sand, Charles and Lord Michael have provided visuals for Fish’s track, “Big Talk.” The duo team with director Three G for a Chi-City celebration at a local Bulls game—complete with enough MJ shots to fill an ESPN Sports Century piece. The sparse beat rattles under skittering camera flashes, while the hubristic MCs split screen time before the final score flashes. With Chuck’s role in Chip Tha Ripper’s debut LP wrapping up (no pun intended) and audio/visual nugs like “Big Talk” appearing, there can be resuscitated hope in a C.K. full-length.


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