The Cool Kids Are (Finally) Back With Two New Tracks

01.14.14 4 years ago 7 Comments

the cool kids computer-school

Of course The Cool Kids are back. While their solo careers have produced potent results, the chemistry between Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks is undeniable. Separately, the production might be more unique and concepts a bit more specific, but a tag-team effort refines each of their respective sounds to the point where listeners might start to remember who brought back that minimalistic knock to current hip-hop in the first place.

To remind anyone who forgot, the Midwest duo plans to drop their upcoming Shark Week LP, later this year. To tide us over, they’ve dropped two new tracks, which may or may not be on the project. The first is a knocker called “Computer School,” which checks the new body rappers who’ve conveniently reproduced their sound and run. The second is “Chop,” which features the HBK Gang and is a bit more frantic, but equally heavy. Both are exactly what you’d expect from the long-standing duo – justifiably confident raps and booming backdrops.

Mikey and Chuck might have gone their separate ways for a minute, but these Cool Kids haven’t lost their touch one bit.

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