The Details: Philips CitiScape Headphones

09.28.12 5 years ago 10 Comments

The FedEx fairy hand delivered a well packed set of Philips headphones from their CitiScape Collection a few weeks ago that included a kind note asking if I’d be willing to give them a try. While I’m not an audiophile, I figured why not since I do listen to more than my fair share of music. Ashamedly, most of my listening came through whatever stock models came with my latest gadget or el cheapos I picked up years ago. My Philips experienced may have changed that.

Philips put their best foot forward with the collection. Stylistically, the Uptowns recapture the headband, retro look that seems to be making a comeback. They do it best with their exterior design which is an equal mix of well-stitched soft leather on the metal wires make for a sturdy, yet lightweight and comfortable build. Other features on the body include a flat, tangle-free cord, a mic port, complete with +/- volume, and a gold plated 3.5mm connector. The babies are built to last.

The Uptowns perform well, too, as expected. They are noise canceling with the MusicSeal technology to keep your tunes to yourself. Along with the 40mm drivers come 32 Ohms and a range of frequency up to 25000 hertz. I read the tech specs but had to get my smarter friends to explain the breakdown and learned that it means the sound is clean and sharp, but lacks very high range with extreme pitched music, like Jazz and Classical. Nonetheless, if you will be listening to pop, rock, and rap, you will appreciate the perfectly leveled highs, mids, and lows.

If you’re more interested in the earbuds class, Philips still has things covered with the “Underground” model. These ultra comfortable in-ear headphones come with similar features as the “Uptown,” like the tangle free cable and mic. However, they have 10-millimeter speaker drivers for that signature premium sound and magnetic fluted earbuds to keep cables tangle free for portability. And like most out today, they come with varying size ear caps to make sure the fit is snug for the individual user.

Perfect for folks on the go like myself and I almost ran into trouble with these bad boys. I was using them for a week during my morning run, which is when I zone out and sample new music. The closed-out perfection of the sound here worked almost too well and, on day two, I damn near got ran over because I didn’t hear a car coming. The “Underground” over-performed in a sense, but that’s a compliment in my book.

As stated, I’m not the audiophile or the techie. Find out more about the Uptown and Underground by doing your own due diligence. I can however say they should used with caution.

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