The Distinct Life’s “Dirty 30 For 30″ Series: Week Three Recap

06.21.12 6 years ago

The “Dirty 30 For 30” covered seven more days of dopeness. Along with over a half dozen Detroit mainstays, several upcoming shoes stretching all the way to fall made appearances including one of Burn Rubber’s next collaborative projects. Again, the series updates daily at

And as always, credit to Rick and photog Jeremy Deputat for the words and shots.

Day 15: Moody

For day 15, we have Moody presenting the Puma x Alexander McQueen AMQ Deck Mid. This particular shoe was created with a mix of brown premium leathers and finished off with some burgundy pops. Look for this shoe to hit retail in August of 2012. Check Moody and his work out here.

Day 16: Eric “El Cap” Lowry

Eric Lowry is one of the guys that has been down with Burn Rubber since day one and we’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow into a legit business man! Eric is an artist and his canvas most of the time happens to be sneakers. Eric’s presenting the Puma Trinomic Trail witch will be available in October of 2012. Check out some of Eric’s work HERE.

Day 17: Jay John Henry

On day 17, we have one of the Burn Rubber shop managers Jay John Henry aka the Necessity Broker aka Mr. I’ll get you what you need. Jay John is presenting the Puma x Alexander McQueen AMQ Feist Boot in a way only he can! This shoe will be available in August of 2012.

Day 18: Rude Jude

Michigan Native Rude Jude has been holding it down on Shade 45 as a co-host of the “All Out Show” for a while now. Jude is probably the only thing memorable about the Jenny Jones show from way back when. Jude had all the jokes and clearly not lost a step. Jude presents us with the Saucony Jazz Lowpro CL, which is set to release in July of 2012.

Day 19: House Shoes

DJ House Shoes has been a staple in the Detroit Hip-Hop scene for years. This DJ/Producer is seen here presenting the Saucony Grid 9000 slated to drop July 2012. This week also marks the release of the House Shoes’s latest project Let It Go, which is available now via iTunes. The album features some of the best Hip-Hop artist that Detroit has seen in recent history.

Day 20: Mike Posner

Day 20’s a special day for the “Dirty 30 for 30.” Not only do we have our good friend Mike Posner featured but he’s presenting one of BURN RUBBER’S soon to release collaborations with Reebok. Mike’s holding the BURN RUBBER X Reebok Night Storm. This shoe takes its inspiration from the wardrobe that was found throughout the golden era of Hip-Hop, the 90’s. These shoes are slated to release in October of 2012.

Day 21: DezAndres

DezAndres is the former DJ for legendary Detroit Hip-Hop group Slum Village. Dez can now be found all over the world producing and spinning music in various countries. Today Dez presents us with the Saucony Shodow 6000 releasing in July of 2012.

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