The-Dream – “Tender Tendencies”

While fans of The-Dream would much rather be anticipating an end-of-year release for his next full-fledged LP, Love IV MMXII, for now they’ll have to settle for the re-release of his most recent project, 1977. Released for free online last year, the album – which was recorded in the wake of Terius’ divorce from Christina Milian – was an often entertainingly bitter affair.

But time has a way of offering perspective. So more than a year later, we get “Tender Tendencies,” the second of two bonus tracks to be included on the December 18th release. The song finds The-Dream drifting weightlessly in his own melancholy as he openly shines a light on his shortcomings as a husband (“I’m asking what to do / since I’ve made your heart all blue / She said sing this song for me / about you,” goes one set of lines). It’s an interesting new bookend to 1977— a sadder, lonelier, and more endearing take on the lovable jerk character that he plays up on the album.

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