The Evolution Of ScHoolboy Q

ScHoolboy Q’s latest video is a fan remix with dozens of people bringing something new to “Man of The Year.” Working in conjunction with Footaction, School had fans submit their Vine and Instagram videos/pics showcasing their best summer style. The TDE rapper then selected his top picks to generate an amazing, unique final version that’s captures “Man of The Year” perfectly. And it continues a trend of his hitting all the classic types of music videos.

“There He Go”

Every artist has a video like this at some point. There’s more ambition than budget, so they use what they have. For “There He Go,” it’s used well as it’s just Groovy Q, his friends, and some cars, but the subtle use of filters to make it seem like a home movie gives it a warm, laid-back vibe.

“Collard Greens”

Here, we see a little more ambition. A few more dollars in the budget means Q and the crew crank it up a notch, staging a party filled with a pool, a plush house, girls and a couple of cameos from famous friends. The filters are common ones that can be found in video editing software, but use them right and the outcome is a memorable video.

“Man Of The Year”

OK, so maybe there’s not a ton of ambition here, per se. Like they always say, first you get the money, then you get the…well you know. As the scenes get more tropic, the eye candy gets equally exotic. None of that changes the nature of what ScHool always brings – strong, lyrics that are always on topic and delivered while wearing a trusty bucket.


Every artist must, at some point, make a classy black and white video. It’s the first law of music videos. And ScHoolboy’s is pretty good; it puts him front and center and it actually has something to do with the song. The gray aesthetic somehow gives the vibe that even though rap is fun, it’s still work for Q and he’s got his eyes and mind set on being in another place.

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