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Carolina Catalino

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air’s 20 Greatest Sports Moments [With Leather]

Lil’ Wayne Announces ‘Dedication 4’ Release Date [Broken Cool]

New AIDS-Like Disease In Asians, Not Contagious [Yahoo]

Porn Star Mr. Marcus Admits He Was Infected With Syphilis [The Urban Daily]

Lupe Fiasco’s “B-tch Bad” Can Save Hip-Hop…If We Let It [Hip Hop Wired]

Romance And Robbery Come Together As Man Proposes After Arrest [Crunktastical]

Kat Stacks Turns To Obama Administration Policy To Delay Deportation [NBC Miami]

U.S. Army Fights Racists Within Its Own Ranks [USA Today]

6 Students Whose Graduation Speeches Cost Them Their Diplomas [Mental Floss]

Elizabeth Hurley’s Braless Swimwear Video Makes Us Miss the ‘90s [BroBible]

‘Breaking Bad’Theory Backed By Questionable Evidence So Good It Might Be True [Warming Glow]

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