The Game Announces ‘The Documentary 2’

06.17.14 2 years ago • 48 Comments

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Game’s had an eventful seven days, right? Let’s walk through it.

1. Clash with an NBA superstar, only to admit that he kinda jumped the gun a bit.

2. Burn every possible bridge with rap’s new generation.

3. Announce The Documentary 2. Justin Incredible of LA Leakers fame took to Twitter to announce the news:

No real details yet, other than he’s trying to nab Just Blaze, Scott Storch and Dr. Dre to produce the majority of the album’s tracks, and a somewhat-clowdy 2015 release date.

Considering that Game suffers from a chronic case of “too many damn features,” it’ll be interesting to see who is still willing to collaborate with one of the most volatile men in rap. Rick Ross, Pusha-T, maybe Lil Wayne are all easy to envision, but doesn’t that just sound boring at this point? Game f*cked himself out of an entire age group of rappers. Unless he decides to put out an entire album with minimal help from other rappers (which doesn’t seem likely), Documentary 2 is going to have to prove itself.

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