The Game Tips Waiter $6,000 Because Why The Hell Not

04.01.13 5 years ago 23 Comments

Why you hate The Game? You shouldn’t, especially when he’s leaving waiters $6.000.

Jayceon went out for some Easter grub yesterday and in his typical unpredictable manner decided to take care of his waiter in grand fashion. Filed under Rappers Doing Good, read Game’s message he posted on his Instagram.

“Left my waiter @ikwuakor a $6,000 tip !!!!!!!!!!!!! My HEART made me do it… & before yo hatin ass get to doing what you do best, YES I help the homeless, YES I help families in NEED, YES my niggas ALL straight & so is MY FAMILY….. My kids… Well, you already know that swaggin dumb out here…. & anyone I can help I do…. But today…. @ikwuakor took care of us…… So I took care of him…. & remember… He has a family too !!!!! Each one Teach one….. Walk a day in my Barkley 1’s (picture coming next) & your heart would be in great shape…. Love is love.”

Sure, he was admittedly drunk, but that doesn’t take away anything from his good deed.

Update: Uh oh. Looks like Game may have pulled a Pinocchio. The waiter in question, Eme Ikuakor, posted a message on Instagram indicating that the rapper didn’t leave the hefty tip he claims he did. SMH.

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