Your Daily Funk: The Gap Band’s “Outstanding”

10.27.12 5 years ago 12 Comments

If music truly is the key to the soul’s existence, then The Gap Band’s “Outstanding” is a well-cooked meal. Homecoming always stands as a highlight of the year, allowing the opportunity to chop it up with people I haven’t done so since undergrad mainly because real life happened. And every year, like clockwork and without fail, the Wilson brothers’ immortal contribution blasts through whatever DJ’s speakers.

There’s not much to be said of “Outstanding” our parents probably haven’t already cemented since the song was released 30 years ago next month. That’s 30 years of two stepping. That’s 30 years of quality homecomings. That’s 30 years of artists sampling the record including Da Brat, The Notorious B.I.G., Redman, Ice Cube, Rob Base and more. That’s 30 summers of amazing cookouts. That’s 30 years of smiling, laughing, dancing and simply pushing to the side whatever stresses are currently perched on your shoulders and having six of the greatest minutes you will ever remember.

Yep, when this song comes on, not much else matters. Minus the bullshit, life’s great.

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