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05.11.08 10 years ago 37 Comments

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Shade 45 started a new show this year called Behind the Boards hosted by Cipha Sounds. In the vein of Inside the Actors Studio, Cipha sits down with a producer or rapper & goes through different songs in their catalog. They speak on the process of making the song, then play it. Being Shade 45 the first show was naturally on Eminem. It was a pretty good show in it’s own right, but the second show is on Pete Rock. That’s right Soul Brother #1.

I always catch bits & pieces of this while driving in the car, but I haven’t even listened to the show in it’s entirety. From what I have heard though it’s a must listen for any fan of Pete or anyone who wants to learn about him. Cipha Sounds is a good host who knows what he’s talking about & it really helps Pete open up about producing certain songs & what went down during the recording process.

I’m eager to sit down & check this out later on this weekend, but I wanted to get this out to you guys as soon as possible. I’ve been looking for this all week. Hopefully, they’ll be able to get Dre, Premier, DJ Quick, & Timbaland sometime in the new future.

Cipha Sounds & Shade45 Present Behind The Boards With Pete Rock

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