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Dayami Padron

Super Bowl 2013: A Primer On The Harbaugh Brothers [Forbes]

“Django” Controversy: Jamie Foxx Calls Spike Lee “Shady” And “Irresponsible” [News One]

Wes Welker’s Wife Calls Ray Lewis A Murderer In Facebook Rant [Urban Daily]

Big Boi Talks Dr. Dre, Thom Pettie That Ho, Pimp C & Little Dragon [HardKnock TV]

10 Sneakers to Wear to An Office Job That Won’t Get You Fired [Complex]

Hawaii Representatives Announce Recreational Cannabis Legislation [Hail Mary Jane]

6 Rappers For A Pre-Inauguration Party Besides Lupe Fiasco [Egotripland]

Topless Jourdan Dunn For Some Fashion Fun [Peeperz]

GQ Gets Racial For Hottest 100 List? [S2S]

A Dad Speaks: Redefining Trust [MommyNoire]

Usher & Chilli Back Together Again? [Hello Beautiful]

Chief Keef: In Case You Didn’t Know [Giant]

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