NBA Finals Game 2 Recap: The Heat Choke, Dirk Nowitzki & Mavericks Win

06.03.11 7 years ago 37 Comments

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Last night’s game didn’t get interesting until six minutes deep into the fourth. The crowd at AmericanAirlines Arena as well as audiences tuned in didn’t think they’d be in for a late-game ride. Then, much like Dallas’s comebacks against the Lakers and the Thunder, the battle-tested vets traded their nonchalance for resolve as the Heatles crashed and burned their 15 point lead.

Miami’s late game breakdowns usually involve Wade not getting good looks let alone having the ball. Therefore it comes to no surprise to see Flash heave only three shots while the Mavs rallied. They were all ill-advised threes including one desperation attempt at the end of regulation. Watching Dwyane’s squad unravel while he didn’t get touches made them look eerily similar to their string of mid-season LeChokes. Now’s not the time for that nonsense so Tinsley’s crew must get their act together.

Additionally, much credit goes to Dallas’s ball denial and ability to get good looks in their impressive 22-5 run. The Mavs’s defense forced NorBel and Miami’s role players to chuck up some terrible shots. Jason Terry and Dirk Nowitzki willed their squad back in the fray until the team’s inbound mix up, enabling Chalmers’s corner three to tie, almost sullied their club’s intrepid surge. Leave to Dirk to clean up the mess with his game winning lay-in. Miami had a foul to give but I guess Spoelstra liked his odds heading into that game-sealing possession.

I really don’t like either of these teams but Game 2’s entertaining finale kept me glued to the TV. Mind-boggling ain’t the phrase when it comes to putting Dallas’s comeback into perspective. They played sloppily for the better part of three quarters: racking up 18 turnovers and giving up easy shots inside. Yet they managed to hang around when the chips were down. Dallas got the juice now with the series notched 1-1. Let’s see if they’ll use it to their advantage heading into their three game home stand.

Paging J. Tinsley, Paging J. Tinsley…

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