Guilt-Free Listening – The Internet’s ‘Feel Good’ Album Stream

09.21.13 4 years ago 10 Comments


The Internet’s a hard-sell off name alone. It’s been challenging to make people understand that I’m not joking when I saw “man, check out that new Internet album.” Then, when they say who and I respond, “They’re down with Odd Future” facial expressions sometimes get even more sour. Musically, they’re about as far away possible as anything most would expect to hear from the OFWGKTA camp. More Frank Ocean than Domo Genesis. More soul than skateboard punk.

We’ve raved about the band consistently and dubbed their album, Feel Good, as one of our Most Anticipated releases. As the follow-up to 2011’s Purple Naked Ladies, Feel Good’s early leaks – “Dontcha” and “Partners In Crime Part Two” – have been smooth and soothing, which is what listening ears should expect to hear from the project in full.

Looking for easy listening? Look no further than Feel Good. It’s mostly band leaders Syd and Matt with the rest of the gang but Mac Miller, Jesse Boykins III and Yuna make appearances and reportedly Chad Hugo’s in on production for a couple of songs.

Stream below. Pre-order on iTunes or pick it on Tuesday, September 24.

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