The Internet – “Give It Time”

11.11.12 5 years ago 9 Comments

“Seems we’ve been gone, gone for so long”

The only thing that could make The Internet better is if they produced more output. Purple Naked Ladies still ranks as one of last year’s more unheralded releases but attention and acclaim are hard to garner in today’s age if an artist or group isn’t flooding listeners with material. Their lack of notoriety seems even more odd when considering how everyone fawns over any and everything Odd Future-related. Then again, maybe the lack of attention is what makes a track like “Give It Time” even more welcome to the ears.

After some time off the scene, the duo’s latest offering is blessing to the ears, as the guitar-laced track and Syd’s sinewy vocals evoke a melancholy vibe once you realize we’ll have to wait until they decide to share additional tunes or their Feel Good EP releases in full. No matter which happens first, Syd and Matt’s “less is more” approach definitely leaves me wanting more.

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