The iPod Shuffle – AZ’s “Mo Money, Mo Murder (Homicide)” Feat. Nas

07.24.12 5 years ago 24 Comments

Doe or Die is almost as old as Joey Bada$$ but its imprint on NY’s mafioso rap era remains intact. AZ’s lyrical showcase got held up only by some lacking instrumentals but there’s no denying the album’s high points: one of which easily being “Mo Money, Mo Murder (Homicide.)” You could tell Anthony Cruz and Nasir Jones tried to best one another. Yet it’s evident they worked together to make a memorable record rather than merely compete. Their direction towards songwriting is something the most hardened MC’s struggle with to this day on features. They got it down in their early 20’s with contrasting flows and you already know this wasn’t their first run at working together. So what you’re about to hear is all in a day’s work for a pair of rapping savants.

Well now it’s time for the inevitable question on everyone’s mind. What would it take to get AZ and Nas working together again? They’ve rarely disappointed as a tandem and a new effort like, I don’t know…an album, could yield some of the best rhymes ever. Then again their ears could lead to some of the worst beat selections ever too. Ahh well, that’s a risk I’m prepared to take especially after running this song back.

AZ Feat. Nas – “Mo Money, Mo Murder (Homicide)” (Prod. By DR Period)

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