The iPod Shuffle – Cam’ron’s “Down & Out”

09.15.11 6 years ago 39 Comments

Two things.

1. Cam’s “Down & Out” really did shuffle through on my morning playlist dumb loud. I ended up spending (read: wasting) about 30 minutes around the track.

Tins was the first person I hit up to share my excitement because he’s always up to talk Diplomat folklore. He’s the only guy I know who’s holding Un Kasa’s whole discography and still thinks all the splinter cells like SAS were valuable contributors to rap during 2003-2008. In fact, I think buddy’s still got a Dips tee he wears on holiday weekends.

2. Usually, my lack of patience won’t let me sit still long enough to watch anymore more than a three minute YouTube video and that’s for posting purposes only. But two mornings ago, I watched this whole clip of Cam’ron wandering around Stapleton. Why? F*ck if I know but it was mildly entertaining.

Stapleton looks pretty at night and nothing near as menacing as Wu-Tang made me think it would be. Not calling them soft or anything because predators were probably lurking but opted not to rob Cam because the cameras were rolling. Thanks to DJ Koast for helping me waste an additional 10 minutes of my life on Killa Cam.

Cam’ron Feat. Kanye West & Syleena Johnson – “Down & Out”

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