The iPod Shuffle – Ghostface Killah’s “Troublemakers”

07.20.12 6 years ago 10 Comments

An album’s weight is often measured by how it stands the test of time. Said test, in the day of the internets, means seeing how well it stands after a month. Anyway, the case of Ghostface’s Apollo Kids shows a balanced record which holds up from it’s quiet, late 2010 release.

So why run it back now? I had already been on a Ghostface binge to get through the work week. Then I found myself giving Apollo Kids, namely “Troublemakers,” plenty of burn. Rae, Ghost, Red and Method Man prove the vets won’t leave this rap alone until they say they’re finished. Jake One also deserves credit for hooking them up on the long player’s swan song. The record knocks at a steady pace on everything from sound systems to five dollar headphones. I should know the latter point is true because, after breaking one pair too many, I’m done shelling out for them.

The only thing left to know is Ghostface’s whereabouts these days. He had a solo feature on Royalty but I haven’t seen him since he chatted with everyone’s favorite interviewer. You already know where this is going so I’ll just see myself out.

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