The iPod Shuffle – Goodie Mob’s “Fighting”

05.10.12 4 years ago • 11 Comments

Trackstar took up the ardrous task of narrowing down Organized Noize’s humongous catalog to 50 cuts for his Out Of Darkness mix. Better him than me because I would’ve picked up half of Goodie’s 1995 debut, Soul Food, mixed in a smattering of Rube’s speeches and left cats to tell me all the other tracks I missed. Interestingly enough, “Fighting” is the lone track on the album that wasn’t produced solely by ONP. Fellow Atlanta-based producer Mixzo got co-production credits on the record. And “Fighting” features Joi, right as she was beginning to carve her lane as a solo artist.

Goodie Mob Feat. Joi – “Fighting” (Prod. By Organized Noize and Mixzo)

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