The iPod Shuffle: Suga Free’s “The Ranger”

After Suga Free dropped two extremely solid albums with the imaginative DJ Quik at the helm, brotherly beef between the two left Free’s 2006 release Just Add Water without a single selection from his mentor and in-house production powerhouse. However, despite Quik’s absence, the jheri-curled connoisseur of pimpin’ hoes from Pomona regrouped and delivered a well-rounded, but reaching, sound that wasn’t quite as good as the blueprint it was built from.

In the midst of the imitation, however, was a completely-unique gem, called “The Ranger.” Constructed around a shimmering guitar-melody and a dream that one day all pimps can be equal, this unexpected diamond in the rough delivers a sentimental side of the always-animated Free previously unseen. The result warrants immediate window decreasing and visions of expanding horizons.

You think Mr. Blake approves?

Suga Free – “The Ranger”

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