The iPod Shuffle – The Fugees’ “Zealots”

06.24.12 6 years ago 8 Comments

I miss the days when Jersey rappers made a dent in the mainstream space. Granted, it wasn’t a humongous lane. Nevertheless, seeing Redman, Naughty by Nature and the Fugees make waves, all of whom originated near where I grew up, made little-me proud. Nowadays, Clams Casino gets his looks and there isn’t much else you can say about Just Blaze’s legacy. But it’s not enough dammit.

Now’s the perfect time to see me spread my fandom for Fugees’ “Zealots” or “ZEE-LOTS” as my snotty-nose, none-reading ass pronounced at the time. My could-be Haitian cousin Wyclef didn’t do too bad for himself. Pras was Pras. Yet leave it to the female MC from ‘burbs of South Orange to show everyone up as she did throughout The Score. “Zealots” maintained the trend and, as a West Orange bro, I salute her every time this song gets a spin. So, for the umpteenth time, what the heck happened, Lauryn?

The Fugees – “Zealots”

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