The iPod Shuffle – TQ’s “Right On”

09.26.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

One of my most rocked artists of the early 21st century was TQ. Between his flawless debut They Never Saw Me Coming and any of his underrated follow-ups, the former Ca$h Money singer who will forever claim Westside has dropped quite a few quality songs over the course of his career, whether you ever heard them or not. However, for whatever reason, his R&B thug gimmick didn’t manifest the way his talent deserved and his career basically flat-lined three years ago. One track from his 2004 album Listen that shined despite being slighted was “Right On,” which was an epic, string-led comeback attempt that tried to recapture the rep originated in the early stages of his career.

Some might call the song cheesy. I call it excellent.

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