“The Kickoff” – TSS 2008 NFL Preview

09.04.08 9 years ago 37 Comments

Words By Jason Hortillas

As I walked the ticker-taped streets of lower Manhattan on a cold day in February 2008, it was surreal to realize that I was at a championship parade that was not the New York Yankees. Reminding myself this was a football parade, the New York Giants did the impossible and defeated the juggernaut that was the New England Patriots – playing hooky from the 9-5 was well worth it. As you can see I’m a fan of the G-Men. But what I’ve learned from last season is anything is possible. I shitted on “aw-shucks” Eli along with the rest of the critics. But their run last year was highly admired and definitely respected, if or if not you liked them.

In football, there is no seven game series – that “go hard or go home” mentality is in design set up for the upset. For the 2008 season, we wait for the next underdog to emerge on top. Many fantasy leagues have been drafted and on Thursday night once again it begins. Already with headlines such as name change man Chad Ocho Cinco (85 is “ochenta y cinco” by the way), Hurricane Gustav in New Orleans, and the immortal Brett Favre’s “un-retirement,” sky’s the limit I suppose. So before tonight’s kick off party for the new season, Patrick M. & I gave our picks for who will take it in ’09. For the record we’re not excited cause Usher is performing. Natasha Bedingfield must die BTW.

Patrick M’s Picks:

NFC Champ: Philadelphia Eagles

They have an easy ass schedule (last place team,) a good coach, and Brian Westbrook who’s still the most underrated player in the league.

AFC/Super Bowl Champ: New England Patriots

Ok so they lost one stupid game where fate, Brady’s foot, and offensive linemen that have been proven to be snitches were out to get them. And no one has been talking about them this year even though the NFL and ESPN whored them out all year long, simultaneously slamming them and fellating them, capitalizing on idiotic America’s love of a good villain. You think they’re going to just cower up and go away quietly?

They still have the best coach, the best quarterback, the best receivers, and enough pieces on defense to get back to the big game (as well as possibly the easiest schedule in the league.) The Pats will be back and taking the trophy that should have been theirs in Tampa in 2009. They may not go undefeated, but they will provide me, and every other Bostonian an opportunity for redemption, which will be celebrated with a solid “Fuck You,” to haters round the world.

Jason H’s Pick:

NFC Champ: Minnesota Vikings

Call me crazy but I think Tavaris Jackson will brush off those injuries and throw more TD passes this year. But obviously this pick had to do alot with second year RB Adrian Peterson. To snag the top playoff spot however, taking down Philly/Dallas won’t be a cakewalk but I think the will be the New York Giants of this year.

AFC Champ/Superbowl Champ: Tie — New England Patriots/San Diego Chargers

I won’t go into the Patriots as my man Patrick has done so well in breaking that down. For the Chargers, even with the shaky Shawne Merriman their defense is solid especially at the CB spot. Fantasy Draft reigning pick Ladanian Tomlinson is a no-brainer and with tight end Antonio Gates, it won’t be hard to argue otherwise. Phillip Rivers can hang but he is somewhat of a hot head and hopefully another year has made him wiser. Obviously the biggest obstacle would be either be the Pats or the Colts. But they have a squad worthy of matching up with either.

Teams To Watch: Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Jets, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Things To Ponder On This Season:

— Brett Favre under the NY media spotlight
— Chad Johnson’s sanity and the distraction for the Bengals.
— How good the Giants are without their star DE’s.
— The next RB Sensation — the Steelers’ Mendenhall or Raiders’ McFadden?
— How will the injuries to Tom Brady & Peyton Manning effect their seasons?

We’re die-hard about music but to many writers here at TSS, same goes for other topics. One dimensional we are not. Enjoy the season.

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