The Kid Daytona – “Fly Lullaby” x “In The Meantime” Videos

10.19.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Daytona is wheeling and dealing with that excrement that keeps all the insects buzzing in the summertime. Over a tropical 9th Wonder beat and even more tropical setting on the beaches of Puerto Rico, The Interlude LP continues to flex stronger leg muscles than Carl Lewis, considering it was released nearly a year ago and the video soul is still flowing freely.

There’s a deadly trio of sand, blonde’s and LRG floating around (and not necessarily in that order). Daytona is still winning, no Sheen. Download The Interlude now.

Bonus:I be like shittttttt/I only give ya baby mother straight jizz/Octomom/she ate kids…” Tona The Kid keeps it gutta for the “In The Meantime” director’s cut.

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