The Last Dance: MSU Vs. UNC

04.06.09 9 years ago 112 Comments

Gladiators! © Maximus

How does one type up goosebumps? How does one convey a pee-pants level of excitement? How does one write the feeling of wanting to puke, but in a good way, without sounding putrid? I’ll tell you how…

Three words: One Shining Moment.

Tonight’s game at Ford Field in Detroit is sure to be a nail-biter; with two teams who have been here often and are practised in cutting little pieces of net down at the end. Now allow MZ and I to bloviate on why our favored team should and will walk away with the key to the city, the crown to the throne and the trophy to Bragging Rights for one year’s time.


Thirty-five points. That right there should be the end of any discussion. These two have played once already and it wasn’t close. Sure Suton was out, but we can’t pretend like he’s the plug that makes the Spartans go. Lawson’s foot is fine, Hansbrough is still the team’s emotional leader (and takes the overblown media attention from his teammates) and the rest of team fill their role to perfection. Not to say that this will be easy, as Izzo’s team has been spectacular since it’s been freed from the Big Ten’s rough and rugged play. They can play at any tempo and know what to do in a close game.

As for this being Michigan’s chance at redemption from the Recession, I’m not buying. The same problems that were present before tip-off will still be present after Carolina’s cutting down the nets. Not to mention the fact that the Tar Heel state has been hit hard by the auto industry as well. Obviously not like Detroit, but enough for them to “deserve” a title based on economic troubles as well. I’m an admitted Carolina fan, but I’d love to see all the announcers anoint Hanbrough the greatest thing since sliced bread. They been giving him verbal fellatio for four years and I think a few talking heads will literally explode when he wins a chip.

So enjoy your last shining moment Tyler, before you follow in the footsteps of Raef Lafrentz.

LC Weber

Gah-lee! Wooooooo…My Spartans. My beloved. My alma mater. Man oh man…I never really thought I’d feel something as good as the Pistons’ win in ’04, but this is second to none. I went to Detroit with a group of MSU fans and friends last Saturday. Let me tell you there’s nothing quite like a city full of strangers hugging each other, jumping up and down together, clinking beer, acting a fool. My adrenalin and endorphins were so spent after the win against UConn that I’m still a wee bit down and out. The only thing I can foresee pulling me from the doldrums is a State win tonight.

That said…Suton, Lucas and Summers look so primed under Izzo’s guidance this tournament, I’d be surprised if anyone could breech their ability to control the game’s tempo. The Green and White proved a slow pace possible against a Louisville press, and washed UConn right out of their own speedy style of play. And December game be damned — I don’t give a flying who-zee-what-sit about a regular season loss to UNC. Michigan State unseated the top seeded team this tourney like it was as easy as asking them to catch the next train to Kentucky.

Toot! Toot! All aboard the crap wagon, Tar Heels. Sparty is ready to flex his muscles on the hardwood.

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