The Leather T-Shirt By Maison Martin Margiela

07.12.10 7 years ago 16 Comments

Remember when Jay-Z namedropped Margiela on BP3 and we all had to quietly bring ourselves up to speed? I won’t front like I was in the know, but I was aware because my brother-in-law has a few of their sweaters. Realistically, the associated price tags are probably what kept most regular folk from even attempting to hitch a ride on the Margiela bandwagon. But, most of their designs and concepts cross too far over the leftfield line for me to consider blowing outrageous amounts of money on them.

Prime example: This leather t-shirt, crafted out of soft lambskin (and priced at $600). One, there’s an understood line in couture between the runway and the rack. Two, there’s no denying that the material here is probably of better quality than any of the leather goods currently in my possession. But don’t dare ask me who wears a leather t-shirt or where they wear it to. Still, I hope one of you fashion-forward fellas cops one of these and wears it to Club Chilli’s. I’m going to buy you a drink and then smack you square on the back.

Via Upscale Hype

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