The Legendary: A Film About The Roots

02.17.11 7 years ago 4 Comments

Like everybody else on the night in mention, The Roots got the frostbite shoulder with their Grammy-nominated album. Still, a little spilled milk can’t derail the enriched ingredients what it takes to retain the title of “legendary.” For starters, though, oblivious to the national cameras, The Roots did take home three storied awards at the 53rd Grammy Award ceremony for their hand in Wake Up!, their joint venture with John Legend. And it has been said by multiple publications, outlets and random conversations in the street that How I Got Over was one of the best albums of 2010, let alone in their catalog in general.

Above all, The Legendary Roots Crew just wants to make music. Pardon me, they want to get down. How else can you explain reasoning for Black Thought to stretch his busy schedule to thinner proportions to rock with the rawest lyricists in his hometown? It’s the reason why they still book shows even when they punch the clock at Jimmy Fallon’s office throughout the week. The talent can’t be harnessed; it needs an exit wound to burst through.

And so they keep pushing.

When the music stops, it’s just ‘Riq, Quest, Kamal, Knuckles, Captain Kirk, Owen and Tuba Gooding Jr. Since that side of them is rarely seen in live footage, Jeff Baraka and Cam Be went beneath the surface with the band with keys nearly all of Hip-Hop’s doors to gain further insight on why they do what they do. Which, in reality, doesn’t need much reasoning.

We’re just glad they do it. Shouts to Prefix.

As an additional bonus, check out the celebrity-studded jam session they recently did for SkullCandy. Even with the brevity of the clip, it’ll have you breaking out your HIGO or copping it if you have yet to do so.

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