The List: Ciara

05.18.11 7 years ago 23 Comments

The scuttlebutt’s that Amar’e is now calling Cici’s cooch home and has been for some time. Amazing considering that her p*ssy-popping skills might just break your flesh hammer and that’s before she gets on top. The cynical bastard in me is kind of surprised to see her still hanging on to fame. At the same time, I’m quite pleased because if she wasn’t, we wouldn’t be blessed with these pictures by the ever-attentive paps.

Ciara’s leg and thigh game are second to none. Sorry Bey but even you have to admit that you’re not seeing her in that department. Everything else though? It’s all you! But back to Ciara. Even though her derriere isn’t as pronounced as I’d like for it to be, I’d still risk broken junk and Hulk smash with no hesitation.

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