Nicki Minaj “Creeps” With The Lonely Island On SNL

01.31.11 7 years ago 15 Comments

When world premiering the “Moment 4 Life” video on MTV, Nicki Minaj told Sway that she “couldn’t wait to be on the big screen when it came to movies and television.” Fitting, seeing that rappers want to be actors and actors pretend to be able to rap and sing nowadays. None the matter; Nicki has the personality to keep more eggs in her basket than Mother Goose and she sank her acting chops in a couple bits on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

If The Lonely Island has one speciality, it’s incorporating lovable urban acts in their slapstack ridiculousness. Tig bitty Nicki makes the perfect candidate for their latest wackjob, “Do The Creep.” Pure hilarity. And these Uncle Festers aren’t no dummies. Creep over to iTunes and buy the single.

And stereotypes be damn. Barbie starred in the Bride of Blackenstein on primetime NBC.

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