The Lox Like Getting Done Over By Puffy

01.16.10 8 years ago 18 Comments

The devil is alive I feel him breathing © Kanye

Alley Boy, I know you’ve got your mixtape coming. Excellent title too. The Definition Of Fuck Shit? Yeah, I’m with that. Call it like you see it my dude.

Just like I’m going to call this here one of the variations of fuck shit.

The Lox may sign with Bad Boy for one album.

I get it. Times are hard. The industry is tougher than ever. Artists who came in during the time of the machine in plush contracts are struggling. Just like Jay said, they don’t want to go back.

But the Lox going back to Bad Boy makes about as much sense as going back to a baby momma who you hate and never really got along with anyways…and still paying that bitch child support. The label is still run by Sean Combs, who will see paper from this before anyone else. It’s the same Puff they once referred to as a thief & a coward. Jada went so far as to insinuate that a refrigerator falling out of the NY sky and landing on Puff wouldn’t be a bad thing. I agreed then and still do. Even if they’ve forgotten the whole “Free The Lox” campaign they were pushing, taking the radio airwaves in search of their freedom, the fans haven’t.

“Imagine working for years working for years, hard work and somebody that has nothing to do with that is getting the bulk of it. You’d be totally, utterly frustrated. And, you tryin’ to get around it for years and you call about it with lawyers, but people are too powerful,” said Style P, alluding to Combs’ influence.

They could get Satan’s wickedest beats for the production and have “featuring Jesus” on every star-studded remix. There’s still no way I could cop a Lox album released on Bad Boy Records. It would be the equivalent of being slapped in both cheeks.

I admit this is all speculation and sensationalism, because nothing has been signed and…I really don’t like Puff’s effect on music, neither its sound or his dealings with artists.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…well, you know.

Lox To Sign To Bad Boy Records For One Album? [Sound Off]

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