The Miami Heat And Oklahoma City Thunder Just Sold The NBA Finals

04.05.12 6 years ago 21 Comments

As you all know, I’m a huge wrestling fan and this weekend was WrestleMania. The event was highlighted by the marquee Rock vs. Cena collision that had been building for a whole year. However, something was missing in the weeks leading up to ‘Mania and the whole feud fell flat. I’d always argued that Rock and Cena needed a big pull apart brawl in the ring on the RAW leading up to the pay-per-view to really drive home how much they hated each other. Instead we got a ton of talking and the hype died down.

Well last night the Heat and Thunder had the equivalent of a pull apart brawl. As a result, I want every other team (even my Bulls) to just lay down and let LeBron and Durant go at it in the Finals for seven games. Last night’s game was the NBA’s best sell job for a Finals Matchup. It had everything from two teams that seemed to play on a level above anyone else except for D Rose’s squad. And the storylines grow every day:

LeBron vs. Durant as the top dog in the league. Westbrook and Wade as the explosive offensive wildcards that can either win games or throw off the offensive chemistry. Bosh and Harden as the steady, consistent hands.

But above that, there’s just good old-fashioned nastiness going on. Early in the game, Westbrook clocked LeBron with a flagrant and things only escalated. Bosh hit Durant with a late-game pick that rattled him while Wade and Harden were going at it in the paint. All the while, Durant and Bron were steadily torching eachother on both ends.

By the end of the game, the Heat, led by a monster from James (34 points, 10 assists and 7 rebounts) pulled away for the win. When it was over, both teams went to their respective corners, giving knowing nods that we’ll be back here in June.

And if that happens, we’ll be in for an NBA Finals for the ages.

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