You Got An App For This?

01.06.10 8 years ago 8 Comments

In conjunction with Smule, creator of his iPhone App, T-Pain sponsored a contest.  Simple by design, contestants were charged with creating the best original rendition of “I’m On A Boat” using the app or for the less creative, how they use the app in any way they choose.  Giving Lonely Island a run for their money, TheMisunderstoods, took the top prize with “I’m On A Phone.”  For their troubles they walked away with $5000, A BIG ASS CHAIN (valued @ $140USD) & 2009 Smulean bragging rights.  I was pretty amazed at their video’s production value, but after a quick scan of their YouTube page it’s easy to see this wasn’t their first rodeo.

If MadTV were still around, these guys would surely have jobs.

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