The Most Photographed Spot In NYC Sells Mousepads

06.02.11 6 years ago 3 Comments

If you use a computer on the regular, you’re either a Mac or a PC person. But, while the geek debate could go on for eternity between the two parties about which platform reigns supreme, MSNBC headlines like this make the fruity brand more iconic than it’s see-through competitor by the minute.

Times Square and Rockefeller Center often top the must-see list for New York City-bound tourists, but the Louvre-inspired Apple store on Fifth Avenue is surprisingly the No. 1 most photographed attraction in Manhattan.

Researcher Eric Fischer mapped and analyzed millions of photos on Flickr that were taken throughout the city and looked at their geo-tagged information — such as time and date they were shot — to determine patterns of interest.

Although the sleek glass exterior of the Fifth Avenue Apple store gets the most pictures, Rockefeller Center (No. 2), Columbus Circle (No. 3) and Times Square (No. 4) were also on the list.

Fischer also looked at popular Apple stores in various other cities, such as Chicago, but the retailer didn’t rank as high up on the photo attraction list as its New York flagship location.

While the sleek design by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson Architecture is stunning, the fact 5th Avenue perusers find a computer store more photogenic than all the places they came to see in the first place speaks volumes about the direction our society is heading. We’re so focused on consumerism and technology advancement, a historic giant like the Empire State Building or natural beauty like Central Park ends up playing second fiddle to what is essentially the same ‘ol Apple Store you have located somewhere within an hour of your crib.

The question is, would this be the case if Manhattan’s glass house didn’t feature the logo that made Steve Jobs a household name?

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