The Muppets Take On Fox News

01.31.12 6 years ago 5 Comments

Don’t get Fox News started on the media. They continuously accused liberal hippies of using various tactics to execute a smear campaign against the Grand Ol’ Party for decades now. Any outlet outside Rupert Murdoch’s empire is subject to conservative-minded scorn–even The Muppets.

Fox Business mentioned in December that the latest Muppet movie was another example of Hollywood’s lefty bias – the film used an oil baron as its main antagonist – citing the film as subliminally inciting the dreaded “class warfare” rhetoric that make Republican pundits cringe. However, the film’s non-sentient stars, Kermit and Miss Piggy, clearly disagree with this accusation, as evidenced in an interview the two gave at the movie’s English premiere.

Obviously, take Fox News’ criticism of The Muppets with a grain of salt. The Jim Henson Company owns the popular puppets, so the whole “attack on capitalistic values” argument the The Muppets supposedly purports falls flat. There would be no Muppets without a profit-driven corporation.

But Miss Piggy’s retort is f**king funny and true, if judging Fox News’ journalistic merit at “fair and balanced.”

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