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04.03.08 10 years ago 35 Comments

Disagree all you want, but Haystak is the realest rapper I’ve ever heard.

Out of the thousands of rappers on the map right now, backpack or Benz-reppin,’ few of them have big enough balls to turn their wedding video into a sight for the masses. There’s either too much behind their masks, or it’s too personal for us fans to understand.

Never Stak, though.

Watching this new visual for 2005’s “Bonnie & Clyde,” I was touched by the sentimental value of it all. Complete with the bride and groom’s best, their vows and the picturesque country wedding, Stak Mak’s heart-felt testament to his new wife is perfectly portrayed here. Plus, aside from a ceremony I could only dream of having, there wasn’t anything flashy about this at all, which is almost irregular in videos these days.

While other rappers are flossin’ more than a dentist, or shoving their views down people’s throats, Haystak only does what he knows best.

Jason Winfrey.

And, most of the time, that’s all I ever wanna’ hear.


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