The Past Is The Past….

11.09.08 9 years ago 46 Comments

“I’m presently thinking about the future.”

I have the utmost respect for Gotty™ and his taste in music even though at times I have fundamental disagreements with his choices. Case in point.

There’s a balance to be stricken between being a hustler and being an artist. In very main ways, the truth behind the old adage about money being the root of all evil is indeed confirmed because the pursuit of monetary gains is artistic poison, if ever such a thing existed.

A brief survey of the women amongst whom I dwell revealed that the claim that this man makes music for the “ladies” is either very wrong, or my women friends are not “ladies.” To avoid dissing and pissing off his audience or fanbase, I shall quickly skip over to the part where clearly Young Algernod Lanier makes music for the money. It is definitely notable and admirable that he should succeed as he does this, and by all means, feed your kids when you get the chance. However, to what detriment?

The fact that this man is the current definition of success will quite certainly mold a new generation of Stans, just like Wayne had done before him. Much as I dislike Weezy, Plies isn’t even a candle in his sunshine, and both of them couldn’t hold a torch to some of the great brilliance before them. (Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion so don’t bark blindly and miss seeing the point.)

I would retract that statement, if only for the fact that I’m not educated on matters to do with Plies. He’s obviously smart (relatively), however, I am yet to see a glimmer of skill in the man beyond crafting songs I imagine would play over the sound system at ghetto orgies and in strip clubs that rely on cross-ventilation as they have no air-conditioning…and occasionally, when you need a good example of an abused sample.

If Vibe is right, the future, ladies and gentlemen, will be very conflicting; good minds being traded in for good money, and good words being overshadowed by bad messages and hidden behind bad actions…that never really happened.

Regardless of this, it’s never been a question that skill does not always translate into prosperity, however, should prosperity redefine the standard of skill?

Should the bar be adjusted to the level of whomsoever is currently piling the most Hip-Hop cash or should we (and by ‘we’, I mean ‘Vibe‘) credit someone with being the future of Hip-Hop solely based on this premise?

Methinks not, but feel free to sound off as I draft complaint letters to a certain magazine’s editor-in-chief.

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