The Primer: 10 Twista Songs Everyone Should Know

By 01.22.13

Twista has rightfully earned his reputation as Hip-Hop’s lyrical assassin with the genre’s quickest tongue. Despite an unmatched syllable-count and rapid-fire track-record, this Midwest legend has been building a catalog of songs that stand up to just about any other MC in his league. Sure, he might be known for his Guinness World Record flow and killer features, but the fact is this Legit Baller matches his lyrical prowess with more unique song styles and concepts than most. To highlight the breadth of the man who surpasses breaths to impress the masses, we give you The Primer on the Windy City’s breeziest MC.

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1. “Adrenaline Rush”

After a few unsuccessful early ’90s albums, Twista took his career to another level with his 1997 LP Adrenaline Rush. This title track set the tone for Twist’s premier project and showcased the sinister sound The Legendary Traxster had perfectly concocted for the Chicago MC’s refined persona, which would end up epitomizing his music for an eternity.

2. “Emotions”

Another aspect of Twista’s career that evolved further on Adrenaline Rush was his way with the ladies. After chopping up his pimp game with Do Or Die for their Picture This debut, the smooth talker teamed with Johnny P to share his feelings for this sultry single, which started a successful trend of bedroom burners on each of Twist’s albums down the road.

3. “Korrupt World”

As we know now more than ever, the Southside of Chicago is not the best place to grow up. However, instead of gloating about that aspect of his upbringing and subsequent outlook, Twista used this extremely menacing Traxster beat to speak on the remorse he struggles to see past on the daily and added yet another aspect to his well-rounded setlist.

4. “Y’all My Nugz”

Recruited by B-Legit and E-40 in 1997 for their Southwest Riders double-disc compilation, the Midwest resident delivered this low-end-friendly dedication to all his homies that had had been holding it down since day one.

5. “Crook County”

After Bone Thugs got immense amounts of mainstream love and decided to claim the fast-flow as their own, Twista and his crew decided to name names on this vindictive diss to their Cleavland foes for the ignition to their underrated Speedknot Mobstaz project from 1998. The irony is that despite the ruthlessness of the track, most Bone fans couldn’t help but rap along to the insults.

6. “Legit Ballers”

Lacing another laid-back Legendary Traxster beat from their Mobstability album, Twista and his Speedknot Mobsta crew caught themselves reminiscing about working their way up to an ounce, then casually back down to a ball on this reflective masterpiece.

7. “Victory Or Death”

With steam left on his chest from his recent battle with Bone, the Crook County MC spewed absolute venom on this stand-out from his initial Legit Ballin’ compilation album from 1999, which still stands as one of the best examples of double-time rhyming you’ll ever hear.

8. “Kill Us All”

After a career of demolishing beats and reputation as the go-to-guy for guest appearances, Twista was finally received critical-acclaim in 2004 for his comeback album Kamikaze, which kicked off with this unremorseful lyrical explosion.

9. “Slow Jamz”

No matter who you are or where you were, this throwback-inspired smash single had everyone singing along in 2004 and catapulted the vocal careers of both Kanye Tidda and Jamie Foxx.

10. “The Heat”

After hitting his stride on Kamikaze and finally receiving mainstream acceptance, Twista went back and forth with sounds and styles over multiple mediocre LPs. Yet, amidst numerous attempts at staying current and various recreations of his own sound, this No ID and Legendary Traxster-produced bonus track from his Perfect Storm album turned out to be the best template for spitting straight killer rhymes the Get Money Gang leader has kicked in years.

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