The Primer: 10 Public Enemy Songs Everyone Should Know

11.13.12 5 years ago 21 Comments

The generation gap between rap fans seems to be growing wider by the day. While young fans may not know everything, older ones show reluctance in sharing what they know. Too often, the latter group shuns new artists and says “Things were better in ’88/’94/’98” and reference the glory days of groups and artists without explaining why the music was dope. In order to bridge the gap, jewels have to be dropped and knowledge shared.

The premise was this: If we were a sixteen-year-old and had a genuine interest in learning about older acts, staring at a discography of anywhere from eight or more albums would be daunting. So to facilitate the process, we present our new series called The Primer, in which we showcase 10 suggested songs to know from key pillars in Hip-Hop lore. Our first subject: the incomparable Public Enemy.

Why start with Public Enemy? Why not start with one of the rap’s greatest groups of all time who’s contributions still reverberate through the music and culture. The Long Island brothers – along with the Bomb Squad – caused shift from “Hip-hop, hippy to the hop” lyrics to songs that left the listeners with food for thought to chew on. So without further ado, here’s your Public Enemy Primer.

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