Red House Furniture Can’t Spell Prejudice

02.15.10 8 years ago 9 Comments

As the longevity of viral video continually keeps local retailers advertising for free, more and more small business owners are beginning to stoop to laughable levels of oddity in order to sell their stores. Such is the case for the alluring Big Head and Ten Gauge of Red House Furniture and Appliances in good ol’ Norf Ca’lina, the state where not even skin color can come between a man and his used futon pad.

As this continues to make it’s e-rounds, I’d be willing to bet Red House has seen at least a 30% increase in sales. Which is quite a ROI, considering that Scorsese-esque ad probably cost all of twenty bucks and a few un(?)soiled mattresses in trade to produce.

Kudos: Crunk & Disorderly

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