“Today Is Gonna Be The Day”

10.06.10 7 years ago 19 Comments

It’s been months since I watched his life slip. All I could think about that day was how life didn’t make sense. How does a 20 year old who bought his first house a week prior just leave like that, never to return to his son because of a negligent driver? Why him? A man who did what was right in a world where so many do wrong?

Questions like this have no answer and it’s pointless in searching for them as a means to cope. The only thing we can do is move on and try to keep our heads from falling to a position that keeps us from seeing what’s in front of us.

It’s funny because I thought I was a man without a religion previous to that day, but soon I realized that it was Hip-Hop that I turned to in times of doubt. A dark cloud rested over my head for hours as I sat with thoughts of anger, resentment and confusion. It was difficult to see past the present state of affairs until The Roots’ “The Day” took my attention. Musically, it was soothing. From the chorus to the laid back, sobering verses from the three emcees present, it made me slowly become relinquished of pain and reinvigorated with thought. There was nothing I could do to turn back the hands of time, but I could focus on the future and make sure I no longer take life for granted the same way my cousin Andrew never did.


Download — The Roots Feat. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash – “The Day”

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