The Shins – “Wonderful Christmastime (Paul McCartney Cover)”

10.30.12 5 years ago

Before 66 million of you lose power and contemplate the wreckage Auntie Sandra might wreck upon your homestead, give careful consideration to the tunes you’ll soon include on your Spotify Christmas playlist. Inopportune moment aside, The Shins just released a fairly great cover of Paul McCartney’s iconic “Wonderful Christmastime” for Starbucks’ Holidays Rule, a compilation of yuletide covers which also features Andrew Bird and fun. The updated track doesn’t stray much from the 1979 classic, sounding just as poppy and cheery. However, The Shins’ sounds bigger, bubblier and includes James Mercer actually sounding happy, which is always a win.

Despite Mother Nature’s swallowing the eastern half of the United States, splurge on some electricity and give Mercer and company a listen. Then hunker down and spike some cider for the season’s sake. Holidays Rule comes to a Starbucks near you on October 30.

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