The Shrine Brand’s ‘Diamond Press’ Collection

12.09.15 2 years ago

Shrine Co Diamond Press Overnight Bag 1

Since its inception from an ambitious Kickstarter project in 2013, the Shrine Brand has created a solution for sneakerheads needing a viable option for functional sneaker storage while traveling. Two short years later, the company’s offerings have expanded to the Holiday 2015 Diamond Press Collection with a bag for just about every need, highlighted by the Overnight Bag and Daypack.

Whether going on a bender out of town for a weekend or hitting the gym with a change of clothes in tow, the Overnight is a solid choice. It’s smaller than the standard duffel and with a better shape and organization. And with better organization comes more storage capacity. I could easily throw two changes of clothes, a small Dopp kit and an extra pair of sneakers into the Overnight bag.

For the urban sneakerhead explorer, get on the Daypack wave. Sometimes when scouting photoshoots I find myself navigating through either muddy or dusty terrain and I’d much rather make it to my destination with my nicer kicks intact. With space enough for footwear, photography gear and a laptop, the Daypack best suits students or professionals that need a quick change to hit up a casual happy hour after work. With a little imagination, squeezing an extra outfit into the Daypack shouldn’t be an issue.

The Shrine Diamond Press collection is available for purchase now on their webstore.

Shrine Co Diamond Press Daypack 1

Shrine Co Diamond Press Daypack 2

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