TSS x Yours Truly Present 3:16 With J. Cole

04.19.10 7 years ago 34 Comments

Hip-Hop has been around long enough that no one is making it to the forefront without taking cues from those who have come before them. The smart ones are perceptive enough to pinpoint certain traits from multiple sources and assimilate them into their own style. Which is why asking someone nowadays who their influences are, simply isn’t enough.

We’ve teamed up with Yours Truly for the “3:16” video series in an effort to peel another layer off the onion of the emcee’s thought process. When told straight from the horses mouth, the verses they hold near and dear to their heart provide a wealth of information. A verse or two recited is like being in the huddle when the play’s being drawn up. A few vital pieces of information make you see the play in a whole new light.

For our second installment, all lights are on Fayettenam’s own J. Cole. Although he shouldn’t need an introduction around these parts, here are a few highlights off his resume: he’s assumed the role of the new and improved Memphis Bleek on Jay’s Roc redux, released two well-received mixtapes, warmed up audiences on Jigga’s BP3 tour & found a place on XXL’s latest freshman list. All before dropping a debut album. Taking a brief respite on his road to apparent stardom, this Tarheel upstart recites a trio of verses that have stuck with him over the years.

In part one, J. shares how Canibus’ “Buckingham Palace” transformed his own rhyme style, helping him rearrange his whole approach to rhyming.

In part two, Cole breaks down his affinity for Nas’ “Undying Love” and its influence on one of his first songs, “The Storm,” as well as his smash, “Lights Please.”

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