The TSS x Yours Truly Present 3:16 With Pac Div

04.05.10 8 years ago 19 Comments

As we keep building & blogging, there’s always a drive to develop a different approach in the way we engage artists. In some situations a Session works well, whereas Fifteen Minutes with an emcee can cover quite a bit of ground as well. Still, we want to keep the experience unique & Fresh, leaving the standard Q&A to other outlets while we continue to push the envelope.

With that in mind, we’ve joined forces with the brilliant minds at Yours Truly ( to create the “3:16” Video Series. Since it’s primarily their brainchild, I asked Will of Yours Truly to give a few words for his take on the series. He says any emcee worth your time should be able to make his verses your favorite, just as any emcee worth his salt should have his favorite verses committed to memory.

“Playwrights have scenes, poets have stanzas, Holy men have verses, and emcees have 16’s,” he says.

And so our first subject in this project is the rhyme trio collectively known as Pac Div. With a quality “mixtape” (Church League Champions was better than quite a few releases with bar codes) under their belt and an energetic, well-choreographed stage performance, the Californians continue to climb the their way to success. For this occasion, Mibbs, BeYoung & Like each take a moment to recite a rhyme that’s etched in their memory banks and then share the reason why the lines or the artist who spoke them had such an impact on each member of the group.

Respect due to the team @ Yours Truly. Stayed tuned for future updates in the “3:16” Video Series.

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