The State Vs. Adam “Pacman” Jones

01.08.09 9 years ago 32 Comments

As a blogger/writer, I consider myself never to be @ a loss of words. Ever.

But I think the latest entry in the Pac-Man Jones story has left me speechless by the sheer fuckery ignorance involved. Following his career since he was a rookie with the Titans until now, I think he’s finally crapped out. Perhaps not in the judiciary system, but definitely with the League.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with it.

1. Adam “Pac-Man” Jones was released by the Cowboys on Wednesday.

2. ESPN let the cat out of the bag that Jones was involved in ANOTHER shooting in June 2007, only months after the infamous “make it rain” shooting in Las Vegas that got him in hot water in the first place. ESPN also claims that the NFL was aware of this second incident. How this was swept under the rug so long is beyond me.

3. Jones’ rebuttal to ESPN’s story…

“It will be a lawsuit in a week against ESPN,” Jones said. “That’s stupid. It’s so stupid I have no more comments.” [WL]

4. Dare I say that ESPN upped the ante by releasing this…

The above is a portion of the upcoming episode of Outside The Lines, which will feature the alleged victims.

Will this footage convict him in a court of law? Probably not. But in the court of public opinion and, more importantly, in the courtroom of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Pacman will be served what we can presume will be his final L.

ESPN Just Brought Out The Big Guns (No Pun Intended) On Pacman [Awful Announcing]


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