The State Vs. Robert Sylvester Kelly

05.07.08 10 years ago 46 Comments

Minding my Google Reader this morn, looking for reading material to go with my coffee & Pop-Tarts, I noticed MTV’s timeline of R.Kelly’s alleged actions leading up to what will (finally) be his trial for pissing on that girl. I’ve pretty much ignored all the intricate details that have popped up about this whole case, deciding I’d wait until he was to enter court before paying it any more mind.

Now after looking @ the incidents, the number of girls possibly involved… while I am neither judge nor jury, I have to say it.

R., your time is up yo.

I really don’t have an issue with duke pissin’ on women. If she’s down with golden showers & you’re obliged, feel free. The age thing…whole ‘nother issue.

At this point, I don’t think the game would miss Robert. Musically, everything he’s done has in the past few years has been contrived, uninspired carbon copies of younger artist’s material or him lending his voice to a remix and either adding nothing to it or simply devaluing it with his rantings.

Especially in recent months, when I happen to cut on the radio & hear his voice, I tell you no lie when I say that no matter what he’s actually singing, all I hear him mouthing is “I want to piss on you” from the Chappelle skits.

In the middle of a remix with Usher?

I want to pee on you.”

“Customer” with Raheem?

I want to pee on you.”

When I tried to listen to “Hair Braider”?

I want to pee on you” remixed with B.I.G.’s “after I shitted on the bitch” interloped in just for the hell of it.

In other words, R., your image is shot to hell. The gold hair. All of these numerous allegations. The outlandish antics between the tours with Jay & Ne-Yo. The shit’s adding up.

And if you’ve done this my mind (which is not that serious), I can only imagine how tormented the lives & minds of some of these once young & impressionable ladies must be.

So @ this point R., music can’t save you. Nor can it distract us. I’m tired. Initially, I tried to be open minded & dare I say defended you, harping on idea that fans should separate & accept the art & let the courts deal with your personal life.

But now, your art is waning. And you are beginning to resemble those youngsters you’ve been mimicking – “Gone In 60 Seconds,” ringtone artist without substance.

Maybe just plead guilty. Do 11/29 at least. Let a few feel sympathy for you & make some “Free R.” tees. Claim your redemption, having found Jesus in jail like all my homeboys did. Don’t add a tambourine to your act though for fear we know you enjoyed your jail stint too much, if you get my drift.

But give it a rest. And leave the public eye for a while.

But this is I and I alone. Who knows, you could prevail and escape without punishment. However, my keen sense of prediction says that you won’t have to register as a sex offender.

R. Kelly: A Timeline Of Events Leading Up To His Child-Pornography Trial, Which Finally Begins This Week [MTV]

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