“The Summer’s Bout To Get Hot…”

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“Niggas home from jail/and they plottin…” – Jay-Z

If you’re over the age of two, then you’re well aware of the spoils that the summer can bring. But beyond the glamour and the various activities revolving around the beaming sun, there’s also a specific circumstance that seems to be unusually inevitable: the need to beef.

When the temperature heats up, so do the tempers. With more potential causalities filling out the traffic in the streets, it’s almost expected for a couple heads to be busted on the daily. Aside from the holiday season, the winter is the perfect excuse not to be outside, therefore the chances that criminal activity will take place are slimmed down.

On June 10th, Plies released his sophomore album, Definition Of Real. It’s not hard to dislike Plies. He’s obviously not the greatest rapper, his themes circulate mostly around ignorance, and the ice grills he flashes in his photo shoots are gruesome enough to make you return the favor if you stare at them long enough. However, by selling close to a quarter million in his first week, especially during the annual, absurd fanatical season (see last year’s Kanye Vs. Curtis, T.I. in 2006, Jeezy in ’05), it’s hard not give some sort of recognition.

Making his mark in the game as “the realest nigga,” the characteristics of his fanbase that didn’t cling on to “Shawty” shouldn’t be too difficult to make out. The D-Boys. Professional loiters and juvenile knuckleheads unquestionably draw appeal from the undertones found on a “Goons Lurkin” or “Bushes.” In the wake of the year’s hottest months, and 250K out the stores (and even more if you count the bootleg spots) it’s safe to say Definition Of Real will be a summer staple for 2008.

“I take winter’s off/cuz I love summer beef…” – Nas

Plies isn’t without his moments of clarity, however. His latest effort contains a gem that hopefully won’t get neglected as it blares out of 15″ subwoofers during 4th of July weekend. Over a prolonged, simmering bassline, “Worth Goin’ FED For” details the pitfalls often overlooked due to the incessant glorification of sin found Hip-Hop today. “Don’t know if 25 years worth 2 years of ballin’/that’s a big pill to take/and I ain’t tryin’ to swallow it…” is sane advice for anyone diving head first into the game, oblivious to any future consequences. One can only hope that it won’t be the soundtrack to some unfortunate soul’s demise.

Plies – Worth Goin’ FED Fo’

Plies On Track To Sell 250K In First Week [SOHH]

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