The Talib Kweli Mini-Mix

04.23.11 7 years ago 20 Comments

Before any upcoming show, I usually immerse myself in the slated performer’s catalog. Right now, Talib’s the flavor of the month since the Gutter Rainbows tour comes to the ‘Ville on Cinco de Mayo. However instead of doing my usual iPod playlist, I asked Trackstar, our unofficial official in-house DJ, to create a souped up “mini-mix,” an ADD-influenced creation which didn’t stagnant on songs and intended to cover the max within a 30 minute span. A lot of Kweli verses, minus a few choice spots with Mos and Blacksmith artist Jean Grae. Nothing fancy and no wicky-wicky-wicky’s, all by request. Just a clean, Kwelity refresher filled with tracks to get my mind right so I’ll know choruses and when to throw my hands in the air like I just don’t care.

And now we’re sharing said mix with everybody.

Even if the 615 isn’t your area code, the mix is half an hour well spent listening and being entertained by an artist who has rode the waves for over a decade and change, succeeding without compromise (See: his recent dropkicking of Colt 45 as a show sponsor). And much like TRA and I were discussing a few days ago, Talib’s achieved by making memorable song after memorable song, which should equate to a dope show.

Sidebar: Dee Goodz will be hosting the show, bringing the cool and candor like he always does. Shoutouts out to the homie for holding us down. When he becomes famous, he’ll be another guy I can proudly say I knew way back when nobody cared or gave a f*ck to know him.

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