This Is What Too Much Call Of Duty Does To You

03.13.10 8 years ago 21 Comments

The success of Modern Warfare has made the Call of Duty series one of the biggest game franchises out now. It’s also responsible for attracting more idiots to online gaming. For instance, get a load of this flick’s parody of the typical hardcore COD couch champion. While I play my fair share of vidya games and blurt out obscenities, I’m far from this dude’s aggro level: especially for a board game. Sophomoric humor aside, I’ll let you pick apart the quotables since there’s an abundant amount. Just take a long look in the mirror if his griefing looks like something you would do over a friendly game of Monopoly.

Then we discover that the asshole protagonist has a name (Aaron) and hasn’t grasped the art of face to face communication just yet. This romp isn’t as funny as the last one, but the 1:51 mark made me chuckle, his hiking on the WoW player wasn’t bad and the ending made it worth a click. It just goes to show that there’s a sliver of hope for our hero just yet.

In other news congrats to Darius Sinclair™, TSS’ resident Modern Warfare stan, for recently becoming prestiged. You’re better off not knowing what that means.

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